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About Us

About Us

This Section complise of sections that insiuates about us as one of the best recruitment consulnts here in malawi. us as local expertise we have our history,an added value to different employers and candidates, a vision as well as mission.


Established in 2005, the Job Centre is recognized as the most reliable recruitment agency in Malawi and one of the largest market leaders for employees\’ recruitment and outsourcing. The Job Centre serves a diverse range of government and private organizations and has developed a broad portfolio of capabilities to successfully address recruitment challenges. The address recruitment challenges. The 

 Job Centre implements intensive search and assessment measures prior to hiring employees directly onto its payroll and subsequently seconding them to clients’ premises. The Job Centre is a registered and approved outsourcing agency by the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development.


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Local Expertise

As a registered and approved outsourcing agency, the Job Centre has assisted many organizations in faster candidates’ mobilization which eliminates recruitment burden and allows companies to concentrate on their core business.

Our History

Since its establishment, the Job Centre has recruited over 3,000 employees for companies and outsourced over 1,000 staff to various customers both locally and abroad. Presently, the employment services company hires over 500 employees annually to companies in Republic of South Africa (RSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Kuwait.

Added Value

The Job Centre searches, identifies, recruits and hires employees directly on its payroll and subsequently outsources them to its clients, thereby reducing a significant burden of the HR process for its clients.

Our vision

To offer organizations a One-Stop Shop of staffing service, combined with high quality human resources management services.

Our mission

To be the leading, most efficient provider of administrative, technical and industrial staff in Malawi and beyond; offering flexible staffing solutions that build efficiency and productivity, and providing Associates or Temps with rewarding temporary assignments or careers; and to strengthen the institutional capacity of organizations in Malawi and beyond.