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Frequent Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

A candidate should not pay for the services of a recruitment agency. Employers will pay for a recruitment agency to find them suitable candidates for a role; therefore, this should be at no expense of a job seeker even if they are secured work through a recruiter.

Candidates should be wary of any third party who claims they charge a fee to look for work on your behalf.

The answer would depend on available job openings at the agency at the time. we advise candidates to frequently visit our site in-order that they don’t miss vacancies that are local as well as international.

The agency provide information on steps in the hiring process, including interviews, testing, background checks and offer letter. Most processes come along with vacancies in the requirement section. for more details you can contact us on admin@jobcentre.mw or visit our offices at Area 4 along chilambula near rainbow paint offices inside tyre trove center.

Job centre Malawi would assist with visa process if the company is sponsoring a visa, but specific details would depend on the country’s immigration laws and regulations. But in most cases the visa id self funded.

The salary and benefits packages would be based on the company’s offer and may vary depending on the position and location.