Body Language Expression

How do you come across in interviews?

Even if you have the perfect CV and flawless answers to tough questions, your body language could give a negative impression. For example, if you are slouched in the chair, or tapping your foot or fidgeting, it will come across as if you are not listening, distracted or completely bored.

Body language tips:

  • Your first impression; think about how you will say hello and try to sit in a straight and upright neutral position.
  • Rest your arms on the arms of the chair or your legs.
  • Folding your arms and legs can be seen as an aggressive stance.
  • Avoid touching your face and hair as it distracts the interviewer.
  • Make lots of eye contact during the interview; when you are listening and when you are speaking.

Preparation for an interview always builds confidence and when you’re confident you have fewer body language issues.

Your body language and personality could be the game changer if you are up against someone with the same qualifications and experience.