How to Unlock Your Own Key Strengths

Have you discovered your key strengths?

Knowing what your key strengths are sounds easier than it is, you may have complementary skills that you may not even know about. Here’s a simple method to help you discover what your key strengths are, and how best you can use them.

If you’re having trouble pinning down your skills and thinking of applicable situations, you can try performing a personal SWOT analysis on yourself.

SWOT stands for:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities, and
  • Threats.

Using this model you can look at how your aptitudes create new opportunities and overcome challenges. It’s a great way to find out how you can use skills you have to overcome any shortcomings.

This is also a great tool for interviews, as it can give you a new insight into your abilities, and more talking points with your potential employer. Make sure you add whatever you find to your CV as you create that too.


Think about positives which are your key selling points
Talk about your personal characteristics; for example good analytical skills, determination, experience with specific software or products and problem solving.


Negative areas you need to improve on
Be realistic and show that you realise and are aware of your weaknesses along with what you are doing to turn the weakness into a strength.


Positive external conditions to take advantage of
Start off with opportunities you see in the job you are interviewing for. This will show your interest and positive attitude.


Negative external conditions you can’t control but can minimise
There are always threats you will face at your workplace; for example; overworking yourself by taking on so many responsibilities or your job responsibilities changing