How to Negotiate Your Salary

How to negotiate your next salary review:

  • Prepare a list of your recent achievements that exceed your objectives.
  • List the resulting benefit to the company.
  • List any changed or increased work volumes or duties you’re now undertaking.
  • Be realistic. State the salary you feel your performance and results are worth, and back it up with evidence from the Hays Salary Checker, to show it is in line with current market rates.
  • Keep your salary review discussion professional.
  • Have a fallback position. If your employer cannot afford to increase your salary, can you agree a date for another pay review in three or six months?
Use your accomplishments and the value you add to the organisation as the basis of your negotiation. This way, you’ll clearly demonstrate your worth and will be in a stronger position to secure the maximum of the salary increase on offer. If you are unsuccessful in your requests for increased pay, benefits and cannot see room to develop, it may be time to look elsewhere to continue your career journey.