Stay in Touch With Employer, When Offered a New Job

Get in touch before you start

Congratulations, you got the job – but you may have to wait a month or more, while you work your notice period, before you actually start. You may want to keep in touch with your new employer during this time. They may even invite you to the office or for a team drink to meet your future colleagues. If so, make an effort to put in an appearance.

Arrive early and well presented

Treat your first day almost like the interview. Prove to your new boss they made the right decision and present yourself as professional, personable and knowledgeable.

Remember people’s names

Map out a seating plan and put people’s names in the various positions. Also make a note of the name of anyone you will have regular contact with such as the receptionist. Greet people by name and use their names when conversing to help embed this information. You will be rapport building at the same time – extra bonus.

Ask your boss insightful questions

This is an extension of a first impression so stick to business subjects. Your peers, teams or support staff will be able to point out the coffee machine.

Listen, listen, listen

In the early stages you should be listening a lot more than talking. Make good quality notes to make the tasks easier – there will be a lot of information to learn in a short space of time.

Keep focused on what’s important

Keep your job description handy and review it as you are getting up to speed. Reflect on how what you are learning ties to what is expected of you and how you will achieve success.

Don’t try to change the world on your first day

You may be managing people or have been hired to change an existing process or culture. Remember to pay due respect to the people and business by understanding how and why things have been done before you start making major changes.

Call your recruiter to let them know how it went

It’s important to share any questions you may have at this early stage and your consultant is best placed to find out information on your behalf.

Are you having second thoughts?

If, on the first day, you feel that you have made a mistake or that you just won’t gel with your new colleagues, don’t panic. It often takes time to settle into a new organisation and many people have initial reservations, which they quickly overcome. Before you raise any concerns with your manager, you should complete at least one full week, preferably two.

Don’t forget about the opportunity to grow your team as well! Get in touch with our consultants any time you need to talk through your hiring agenda.